Web Portals

web-portal2Masmega harnesses in-depth knowledge and vast experience in designing and developing innovative, interactive and interesting web portals that make customer interactions and experience more effective, thus improving business revenues. Think about streamlining your business processes and operations, minimising costs with smart and effective Web Portal Development solutions from Masmega.

Community Portals

As a Company we are responsible for a number of Village and Community Web Portals where Information is publicly stored to allow visitors to read before arriving but also there is a Business Listings section that allows the local Businesses to advertise to those that may want them. We find that for some of the smaller businesses this is really their first venture into the world of Web Advertising and they are amazed at how effective it can be.

Business Category Portals

Masmega own quite a few what we call Business Specific Domain names which we run as Portals allowing individual companies to take adverts out on them that direct potential customers to their own sites. Our Domains are always well Opitimised so that if anyone is searching for anything to do with the main Business Category our site should always be right up there on the first page; giving our partners a good profile for very little outlay.

Company Specific Portals

These used to be and still are in some circumstances called Company Intranets because in the day of move companies having onsite servers they were internal to the Company and this still holds sway in the larger Corporate Companies but most seem to have moved away from this and gain access through their Company Website and therefore take on the name of a Company Portal.

The benefits of a Company Portal are easy to see:

  • An online portal is a real investment where the most up to day documents can be managed and stored for all to see and use so there is no more old versions floating around the company;
  • Crucial Business Processes and Operational Manuals can be Controlled in accordance with ISO9000/2000;
  • Website portal provides can provide smooth facilities for payment and transactions.